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How Israel’s 3rd Richest Man Is Trying to Bring Jews and Arabs Together

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With Israel suffering its worst bout of violence in a decade, the country’s 3rd richest man is seeking to reconcile Jews and Arabs by creating jobs. Stef Wertheimer, who sold metal cutting company Iscar Ltd to Warren Buffett for 6 billion dollars, says it’s the only way to achieve peace. Bloomberg’s Middle East Editor, Elliott Gotkine, spent the day with him.
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British Parliament votes on banning Trump from UK

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British lawmakers on Monday debated a measure that would ban Donald Trump from the UK, due to his offensive remarks about Muslims, with various pols blasting the 2016 Republican front-runner as a “fool,” “poisonous,” and “dangerous.”

Next step – Americans must debate about  a measure that would ban that “British lawmakers”  from visit the USA, like “Magnitsky List” ?   Shame on GB, who don’t carry about freedom of speech and try bully Americans politicians.  Funny story, no one from “British lawmakers”  didn’t try banning Putin from UK …     why ?


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