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Independent News January 26, 2015. Video

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Tuesday on the NewsHour.  New York pays for snow removal.  President Obama announces plans to ban solitary confinement for youth in federal prisons.   Campaigning intensifies as Iowa draws near, how presidential candidates tap into fear, high school vocational training as an alternative to college, the government battles postpartum depression, Mozart reaches 260 years and a student challenges stereotypes with dance. PBS NewsHour

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Should more kids skip college for workforce training? Video

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Of all the U.S. high school students who graduate high school and go on to college, a large proportion will never earn their degree. How can educators better train those who may struggle in trying to pick a course of study?

One solution may lie in putting greater emphasis on high school vocational training, but critics disagree. Special correspondent John Tulenko of Education Week reports. Video PBS NewsHour

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Protesters Storm French Port: Breaking Borders

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The ‘Jungle’ migrant camp in Calais, northern France, is home to over 5,000 people living in miserable conditions. Many of the residents, who have escaped war and persecution, are now seeking a better life in the UK.

It is a source of frustration for the French government, where in recent weeks there have been moves to reduce the size of the Jungle, including relocating residents to converted shipping containers and bulldozing sections of the camp.

On Saturday January 23, a demonstration organized by activist groups from France and the UK drew a crowd of around 2,000 campaigners and migrants, where they marched from the Jungle to the city’s central square.

Yet tensions rose when more than 100 migrants broke away from the crowd, storming the port, with 50 people successfully boarding a UK-bound passenger ferry named The Spirit of Britain.

VICE News meets residents of the Calais Jungle camp as authorities prepare to bulldoze parts of the site and reports from Saturday’s demonstration, witnessing the chaos that follows.

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