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Why Lionfish Should Be Your Favorite Fish to Eat . Nat Geo Live

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Venomous lionfish, native to parts of the Indian and South Pacific Oceans, have now taken up residence in southeastern waters of the United States and in the Caribbean. With the ability to reproduce quickly and eat just about anything half their size, and with no natural predators in the Atlantic to help keep their population in check, these fish are posing a serious threat to our reefs and native fish populations. Concerned about the impact of lionfish on reefs in the Atlantic, National Geographic Young Explorer Erin Spencer traveled to Florida to see how communities are banding together to remove these fish from their waters. Luckily, lionfish are edible and delicious, making them one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly fish to eat. So kick back with a plate of lionfish sushi and know you are helping to sustain Atlantic coral reefs at the same time.

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