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BigApps Winners Expo. May 12, 2016 – 18:00 to 20:30

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156 5th Avenue Second Floor New York, NY 10010

Join NYCEDC and Civic Hall on Thursday, May 12, as the six winners of BigApps 2015 and previous BigApps winners showcase their civic tech innovations. BigApps winners have gone on to win grants, raise capital, and claim spots in prominent accelerators.

Come meet the winners and learn how you can support them in their journey to build a better NYC.

BigApps winners presenting will include:

CityCharge: A solar-powered charging station for public spaces that uses Bluetooth and beacon technology to gather environmental data and act as a wi-fi hotspot.
JustFix.nyc: A tool that assists tenants with their housing issues by providing a platform for renters to organize and take action in getting repairs made in their apartments.
Benefit Kitchen: A benefit screening tool that low-income families can use to learn about public benefits for which they are eligible.
Treasures: A mobile app that allows users to share objects with others in their community.
IssueVoter: A nonpartisan civic engagement tool for busy Americans to weigh in on important policy questions and monitor their representatives’ records.
Addicaid: A digital support network that helps individuals struggling with substance disorders enter and stay in recovery.



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