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Armed Robber Demands To Be On Facebook. Video

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A man is facing jail after forcing his own hostage to stream his armed robbery live on Facebook. Rasheem Harrison pulled out a large knife in an New York convenience store and asked shopkeeper Abdul “AK” Aziz to film and live stream him because of “what I got in my hand”.

Charismatic Mr Abdul is a minor local celebrity in Staten Island and posts video blogs on his Facebook page, which boasts more than 6,500 followers.

“He could do something dangerous so I was nervous. At the same time, I was in fear for my life,” said Mr Abdul, originally from Yemen. “He threatened that he was going to kill me if I didn’t put him on Facebook.”

In the video, Mr Harrison appears to say something about wanting to find someone, before grabbing an ice cream cone and refusing to pay for it….   “I felt like I was a hostage inside my own place so I put him on Facebook,” said Mr Abdul, speaking to CBS New York.

Video CBS NY News