Does judge’s block of Trump order support ACLU’s case? Fox News video


As a federal judge ( Bob Furgenson, Washington Attorney General )  grants a temporarily blocks enforcement of the most controversial aspects of Trump’s executive orders on travel and refugees, Tucker Carlson challenges ACLU’s lawsuit #Tucker , Fox News Video
So what we know about Bob Furgenson ?   Bob Ferguson went to law school at New York University. During law school, Ferguson received a grant to provide legal assistance to the Yaqui tribe in Guadalupe, Arizona. Ferguson lived in Guadalupe and assisted community members on a wide range of legal needs.
After receiving his law degree from NYU, Ferguson began his legal career in Spokane, where he served as a law clerk for Chief Judge William Fremming Nielsen of the Federal District Court for Eastern Washington, who was appointed by George H. W. Bush. He then clerked for Judge Myron Bright of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Midwest, who was appointed by Lyndon Johnson.

After his clerkship, Ferguson returned to Seattle and joined Preston Gates & Ellis (now K&L Gates) as a litigator, where he represented individuals, businesses, local governments, and Washington corporations. As an attorney, Ferguson worked with the legal team that successfully defended taxpayers from paying for cost overruns associated with Safeco Field construction. He was part of the legal team that successfully challenged the constitutionality of Tim Eyman’s initiatives.

Ferguson worked on cases involving software piracy and successfully sued companies that stole intellectual property from Washington companies.[8] Ferguson also donated hundreds of hours of free legal advice to non-profit organizations. For example, he assisted Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Foundation as legal counsel to turn a six-acre garden into a public park in Shoreline….     Key word –  NYU ?



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