The Blox TV Is Generating Buzz for the Bronx

Marco Shalma and Gillian Todd are co-founders The Blox TV. Located in the South Bronx, this startup helped raise money with a Kickstarter campaign and a little help from neighbors and friends. They say their mission is to find out what’s trending and hot, and the connection to them. The topics are Bronx-centric.

Proud Bronx native and fashion entrepreneur Jerome Lamaar helped inspire the creation of The Blox. His new store 9J brings high fashion to the borough.

Painter Devon Rodriquez says The Blox has helped give him much needed exposure. At just 21 years old, the talented artist does paintings so realistic that they almost look like photos.

From the gentrification of the borough’s neighborhoods to the hottest places to see and be seen, The Blox TV sends the message that you don’t have to leave the Bronx to be successful. Video Fox5NY


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