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Mobile Chat’s Biggest Players. Forbes

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An estimated 28.7 trillion mobile messages will be sent in 2017. These are the mobile chat apps the world uses most.
KIK – Kik messenger – owner: Ted Livingston, Union Ventures, RRE, Spark Capital, Tencent
Active users: 80 million Demographic: North American teens
Use of bots and AI: 80 promotes chat bots

MESSEMGER Owner: Facebook Active users: 800 million Demographoc: Americas-heavy, 16-24 years old
Use of bots and AI: Testing M, an assistant that carries out tasks

WECHAR/WEIXIN Owner: Tencent Active users: 650 million Demographic: Asian, most Chinese, 25-34 years old
Use of bots: Huge list of retail partners

LINE Owner: Naver Corp. Active users: 215 million Demographic: Asia-Pacific and Middle East, 16-44 years old
Use of bots and AI: Reportedly working on a digital butler

WHATSAPP Owner: Facebook Active users: 1 billion Demographic: Latin America, Middle East, Asia, 16-54 years old
Use of bots and AI: none

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Wendy Williams (extended interview) Fox5NY

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Wendy Williams and her hit talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” are on a roll. Wendy is promoting heart health by partnering with WomenHeart and Burlington.
Speaking of health, for Williams, eliminating meat from her diet has changed the game, though she still indulges in her own way: a few shakes of hot sauce. And as Wendy flies high, Wendy says she still wants to get an honorary doctorate. Something tells me it’s right around the corner. How YOU doin’, Wendy?
BARUCH SHEMTOV. Wendy Williams on Fox5NY

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