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Mayor de Blasio Announces CleaNYC – clean NYC

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Mayor de Blasio Announces CleaNYC

Manhattan 1/2/5 Sanitation Garage 353 Spring Street , video February 3, 2016

CleaNYC includes a number of efforts aimed at keeping communities clean:

Expanded graffiti removal and sidewalk power washing in commercial corridors citywide: The City will expand the Economic Development Corporation’s successful Graffiti-Free NYC Program and also add power washing of sidewalks in heavily trafficked commercial corridors in all five boroughs, including all Industrial Business Zones and other targeted corridors, such as Hylan Boulevard on Staten Island, Church Avenue in Brooklyn, the Downtown Flushing Transit Hub in Queens, Jerome-Gun Hill in the Bronx, Broadway on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and 125th Street in Manhattan. Graffiti-Free NYC will remove graffiti from private and public structures, power wash sidewalks, and remove blight from street furniture. The new Graffiti-Free NYC trucks will be equipped with power inverters, allowing the equipment to run without using the engines or gas-powered generators.
Expanded Sunday and holiday litter basket service: New York City is the most popular walking city in the country, which also means it requires more attention to litter removal than most cities. The Department of Sanitation will expand Sunday and holiday litter basket collection by 40 percent, with a focus on heavily trafficked neighborhoods across the five boroughs, to ensure service on days when pedestrian traffic is often at its highest.
Expanded highway shoulder and ramp cleanup: Highway ramps are often the first impression many people have of the city, but they don’t always get the attention they deserve. Through expanded resources, the Department of Sanitation will be able to sweep approximately 100 additional miles per week, removing litter, dirt, leaves, millings and other debris.

In total, CleaNYC will cost $4.2 million in expense funds in Fiscal Year 2017, and $2.5 million in capital funds.

More at NYC.GOV

Instead cheap cameras against graffiti – pay for removing ? Owners of buildings should setup web-cameras and look for his buildings – not City !

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The Second Annual American Justice Summit. New York. Vice News Video

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This Friday, January 29th, the second annual American Justice Summit will be held at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The summit will feature panels, conversations and performances that explore the urgent need for American justice and prison system reform. Gun control and gun culture, juvenile incarceration, immigrant detention, and the state of policing in America are some of the issues to be addressed.

Guests include NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, former US Attorney General Eric Holder, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, Anna Deavere Smith, Rosie Perez and Usher Raymond IV. See the full agenda of the summit  online at


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How Rikers Island Regressed (Extra Scene from ‘VICE News Meets Bernie Kerik’)

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From New York’s “top cop” to convicted felon, Bernie Kerik has led many lives. The man who used to specialize in locking people up now is advocating for criminal justice reform after spending time in prison.

In this extra scene, Kerik tells VICE News how the reforms and improvements he made at Rikers Island Penitentiary’s disintegrated after he left office, and what may have contributed to the state the prison is in today.

Read “Ex-Cop and Ex-Con Bernie Kerik Calls Out Republicans On Criminal Justice Reform“ –

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Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio. City Scoop January 29

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Fiscal Year 2017, City’s Union Workforce , Mayor Thanks City Workers  – on the one video  from Mayor’s Office.

  • The Mayor presented the City’s $82.1 billion financial plan for Fiscal Year 2017
  • 95 percent of the City’s union workforce has now reached contract agreements
  • The Mayor offers his thanks to City workers from multiple agencies involved in the cleanup response following last week’s record storm  NYC Mayor’s Office

Video NYC Mayor’s Office

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