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MLB head reflects on first year, future of league. Video

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Major League Baseball’s opening day is less than a week away. Rob Manfred completed his first year in January as the game’s 10th commissioner. Manfred saw the Kansas City Royals win their first World Series in 30 years, rejected slugger Pete Rose’s reinstatement bid and watched an MLB exhibition game in Cuba. Only on “CBS This Morning,” Manfred reflects on his first year as MLB commissioner, his decision to not reinstate Pete Rose and top issues facing the league ahead of the new season.CBS This Morning video news New York.


NCAA players should be paid : Riffing with Raissman. Video

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He’s back… yet again.

Bob Raissman returns to YouTube to rail against the NCAA and how everyone’s making millions… except the players.

The Daily News sports columnist also slams the Knicks for using soap operas and gossip to distract fans from the fact that the team sucks. Plus, Raissman pleads with the media to stop reporting nothing about Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. There’s noting to report, so just talk about something else until something actually happens with his contract. New York Daily News video 2016.


Stephen & Craig Ferguson vs. World Darts Champ Scott Waites

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World Darts Champion Scott Waites ( English darts player who plays in tournaments organised by the British Darts Organisation. Waites is a two time BDO World Darts Champion having won the 2013 tournament and 2016 tournament.) – stops by to face off against a couple of snotty Americans. “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” video 2016.

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