GOP Debate October 28 2015 – Video

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10/28/2015. GOP presidential candidates square off in CNBC debate: Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Lindsey Graham from the University of Colorado Boulder.
Graham Blows Up at Debate: ‘I Am Tired of Telling People Things That They Want to Hear!’ Lindsey Graham got pretty pissed off at the CNBC undercard debate tonight and practically shouted, “I am trying to solve a problem and win an election! I’m tired of losing!”……

Mayor de Blasio Presides Over Bill Signing Ceremony

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Bills 850-A, 643-A, 706-A, 753-A, 758-A, 766-A, 768-A, 784-A and 767-A

Bill 850-A – related to air conditioning systems (business door must be close with working air conditioners)
643-A, 706-A, 753-A, 758-A, 766-A and 768-A, require various reporting with respect to inmates in the custody of the Department of Correction
784-A, which requires that new inmates are provided with a bill of rights;
767-A, which requires the Department of Corrections to publicly post its use of force policies.

Twitter for Small Business. October 8 2015 in NYPL

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Cut through the common confusion about Twitter and discover how this social media platform can help grow your small business.

Charlie Conard answers common questions about Twitter for business owners, including:

Getting your business started on Twitter
How do hashtags work and why are they important?
Learning to write an effective tweet –in under 140 characters!
Case Studies: See how Twitter has helped other small-business owners transform
You’ll leave this lecture with a clear understanding of how Twitter works and the ways it can help your small business build sales.