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Day: September 9, 2016

  • PBS News Hour . Video

    https://youtu.be/SLOv054ot7Q Friday on the NewsHour, North Korea conducts its biggest nuclear test yet, sparking global condemnation. Also: A judge’s refusal to block a pipeline project in North Dakota sparks outrage, Shields and Brooks weigh in on the week’s news, a look at the renewed fight to push back the Taliban, plus what the 9/11 memorials…

  • CNN Host Called Me a Liar, Then Had to Admit I Was Right. – Mark Dice vs Jake Tapper. Mark Dice video

    https://youtu.be/rSzYc_gSx44 CNN’s Jake Tapper called me a liar and then later had to admit that I was in fact correct about the liberal media’s smear campaign of Donald Trump’s conversation with Larry King, a former CNN host who now has a show on RT ( Russia Today). Here’s what happened. Videp Mark Di MIDTOWN MANHATTAN…

  • Children reading at ages 3, 4 and 5?

    Getting a Head Start with the most important skill in the education process. “B IS FOR BOXING” is a fun way to teach our children the alphabet and reading by using this colorfully illustrated book with the sweet science theme. The great George Foreman, former undisputed heavyweight champion and creator of the George Foreman Grill…

  • Jerusalem Dateline: Could This Be the Very Floor On Which Jesus Walked? Clinton wants bring Sharia Law ti US ?

    This week on Jerusalem Dateline: archeological discovery reveals more of the temple where Jesus taught; and could the Muslim Brotherhood influence US presidential campaign? plus meet the American heroes who stopped a terrorist on a train to Paris. Video CBN News USA MIDTOWN MANHATTAN NEWS VIDEO DIGEST NEW YORK USA NEWS

  • Using technology to improve education in America. Video Fox Business News

    EverFi CEO Tom Davidson on how technology can improve education. Video Fox Business News MIDTOWN MANHATTAN NEWS VIDEO DIGEST NEW YORK USA NEWS – NIGHT LIFE BUSINESS CRIMINALS , CULTURE , POLITICS, HUMOR

  • PBS News Hour. Video

    https://youtu.be/TT7Kj6WY13o     Thursday on the NewsHour, the candidates trade barbs on foreign policy after a town hall on what it takes to be commander in chief. We explore how the next president might approach Russian relations. Also: Donald Trump’s refusal to release tax returns plus a look at his business record, what surfing has…

  • iPhone 7 Won’t Solve Apple’s China Problem. Forbes video

    IPhone 7 won’t solve Apple’s China problem. The new IPhone is here and Apple is banking on it’s success in Chine. Forbes News Video MIDTOWN MANHATTAN NEWS VIDEO DIGEST NEW YORK USA NEWS – NIGHT LIFE BUSINESS CRIMINALS , CULTURE , POLITICS, HUMOR