Jew businesswoman 2016 in US. Nordstrom Cancelled Business with Ivanka, Stock Price Instantly Nuked…. Ivanka Trump’s fashion line hits eBay and bargain bins


Recent history has shown us that most companies that decide to declare war on President Donald Trump don’t end up on the winning side.  Pepsi’s stock tumbled when its CEO decided to tell the world how unsafe she and her employees felt after Trump’s election, and Macy’s has seen its business go down the tubes since it decided to go after him.  Nordstrom might be the next casualty after deciding to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s brand of clothing and shoes.

According to the New York Stock Exchange, Nordstrom stocks have gone from a high of 61.49 in December down to a low of 42.78.  Last week the retailer announced it would sever ties with the Ivanka Trump brand. Reuters reported that the decision was based on its performance.  “We’ve said all along we make buying decisions based on performance,” Nordstrom said in a statement to The Associated Press last week….

The company also posted to social media that the move was not a political one.  But one must wonder, after it was reported that the company sent an internal memo to employees offering company support for immigrants after President Trump’s temporary immigration ban. Stocks even took a dive Wednesday morning shortly after the president criticized the company for treating his daughter unfairly, CNBC reported.  ( )



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