Georgia- cradle for multitalented people whose names have been embossed in the history of United States with gold letters

George Balanchine – choreographer, co founder of the American ballet, contemporary neoclassic ballet and performing arts in general. John Malkhaz Shalikashvili – American (four star) general and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe.  Obviously, there are few people of this high caliber. Nevertheless, even today natives of Georgia are making significant contributions towards the development of the American performing arts, science, medicine and other important areas of human ventures!

I would like tell you about a talented person – a student of Kingsborough College Lasha Bagaturia who was born in 1987 in Senaki, a city in Georgia. Since he was little, he loved to pain as much as his father Tamaz and sister Lana. He could glaze at the painting that he was mesmerized for hours in attempt to penetrate its secret. His mother Ia Bagaturia sewed beautifully instilling in him the artistic taste. 

The question of contempt didn’t stand before him. After completing high school, in 2006 he graduated from Kutaisi Institute of Arts. His canvases attracted the attention of experienced specialists, although inexperienced in the intricacies of paintings since Institute times, his stylish home, apartment and office designs up to this day remain prestigious in Georgia. Famous journals Tbilisi, Bomondi write about him and he has been invited as a keynote speaker on the radio. However, the real master constantly thrives to exquisiteness. In 2015, Lasha arrived in America to attend an exhibition hosted at the famous Javits Center, leading venue for displaying best artwork of fine artists, a place where best designers in the world work, where experienced masters could lay forward the career of a younger master to hone writing techniques. 

In love with his profession, he decided not to become a taxi driver. His first step towards achieving his goal was enrollment in the Kingsborough College where he became fluent in English language. He is taking arts and interior design classes. Interesting fact is that students in his class use his paintings as a reference. He is a wise painter the real pleasure lies in sharing his masterful skills with younger students. The great country provides unique opportunities to newcomers to gain new profession or to perfect previous profession, or get diplomas and licenses. Lasha is immersed in his studies with enthusiasm. 

Concurrently, he continues his creative activities: his paintings are displayed at the Art Galleries in Soho, Midtown, Lower East Side (“Artifact Gallery”). On September 26, his works will be showcased on Manhattan at the “George Bill Gallery” located at 525 West 26th Street. He doesn’t forget his passion for design: his new projects with fresh motives and extraordinary ideas are displayed on his personal website

Lasha Bagaturia – has a vibrant personality, easily identifiable style of painting that strives to comprehend the deepest meaning of everything. His paintings are picturesque. They present to the viewers a rich spectrum of colors and shades that coexist in astonishing harmony. His favorite themes remain Georgian landscapes, abstract figures, objects and animals. Lasha is not seeking for photographic accuracy, rather attributes romanticism to his landscapes, hence adding mystery. The essence of his paintings does not lie in the location of figures and paint stains, but rather in the ideas and feelings that he embodies in those artworks. Thinking about the theme of his next artwork Lasha aims to not only express his viewpoint about the world but more importantly give viewers some food for thought. 

Although his artwork stands on solid foundation nevertheless under the influence of new circumstances it undergoes evolutionary changes that manifests itself in the appearance of American motives in his artwork in which he glorifies the country that became his second homeland. His eagle   (as on the United States emblem) with powerful beak and spread wings demonstrates an indestructible power of the country. His painting “Freedom” showcases a long path full of hardships towards true freedom, that United States itself went through with its citizens, all immigrants of various generations who adopted its values and traditions and transmitting them to their children and grandchildren had an indelible impression on me amongst many others. 

Besides new motives Lasha has adopted a new method of painting with aerosol spray. Acknowledging his skills gaining popularity in the “Hilton” hotel chain allows many to enjoy the painting at the hotel restaurant located on the 42nd street on Manhattan. 

Lasha’s first painting teacher and a valuable friend, famous Georgian painter Firo Sichinava provided tremendous support in his quest of finding his own path in arts in the United States. 

Lasha belongs to the list of those people who in accordance with Kennedy “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”

Marina Lagunova


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