Guardian Angels Patrol Upper West Side – “The cops are not responding now at all”

MANHATTAN, New York: The Guardian Angel’s patrolled the Upper West Side following a NY Post article. “The cops are not responding now at all,” said Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, “so we are trying to fill the void. We take care of the people in the neighborhood, but also make sure that especially emotionally disturbed men are not taken advantage of.” Some people thanked them, some were concerned. “Are you here to protect us? And the residents of this hotel?” One woman asked Guardian Angels who were patrolling Upper West Side following an explosive NY post article. “If you can migrate into communities of color, then people of color should be able to migrate into your community.” Tensions have been high as some residents expressed concern with homeless moving into the UWS hotels. Some Upper West Side locals drew messages of welcome outside the Lucerne Hotel and Belleclaire Hotel, “Make America Care Again” and “welcome to the neighborhood” read some of the messages on the sidewalk in bright colored chalk letters.
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