Facts Don’t Matter To Black Lives Matter

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, BLM lies and fabrications lead to more protests. As we have learned, facts don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.
But here’s a really crazy idea: Maybe, instead of blaming the police for choices that criminals make, we might consider blaming the people actually making the choices.
Also Five Headlines including Joe Biden race baiting, California Democrats moving to decriminalize pederasty, and Harry and Meghan sign a Netflix deal and promise to make some of the worst programming the world has ever seen.
Finally, in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about the black college professor from “the hood” who just confessed to being a white Jewish girl from suburban Missouri.
On that DW video –
00:00 – Opening 02:11 – Facts Don’t Matter To Black Lives Matter 16:34 – Biden decides to finally do something about racial injustice 21:33 – Suspect in the shooting of a Trump supporter killed resisting arrest 22:15 – California State Senate Passes Bill That Could Alter Sex Offender Registration For Gay Sex With Minors 25:58 – Trump accused of disrespecting veterans 27:10 – Harry & Meghan sign a production deal with Netflix 29:49 – Jessica Krug is cancelled
The Matt Walsh Show – The Daily Wire


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