DELS – WR – innovative roofing, waterproofing corrosion-resistant polymeric coating wholesale

Brand Name: DeLS-Wr
Type: Waterproofing Materials
Packaging – Metal bucket 10-20 kg / 22-44 lb with a re-sealable lid. Shelf life – 12 months.

Sprayable polymeric coatings

“GOODWILL GROUP ” – developer and manufacturer of innovative roofing, waterproofing and corrosion-resistant polymeric coatings.

All of the products are developed by the GOODWILL research laboratory and manufactured by our own production facilities in St. Petersburg.
All products are certified, its properties and characteristics are confirmed by tests carried out by the leading professional state construction research centers .

Reliability and quality of the products are confirmed by thousands of real objects world wide.

“DeLS” liquid waterproofing colored coating is the new stage in the market of the waterproofing materials and technologies.

Proposed waterproofing and roofing material is an innovative product manufactured and developed by “Goodwill Co., Ltd” in St.Petersburg.

The material is a single-component liquid block-copolymer waterproofing mastic composition, supplying as ready-for-use and does not requiring the use of any sophisticated specialized equipment. Produced from high quality raw components, the mastic fully comply with the highest consumer requirements and suitable for any weather and climatic conditions.


1. “DeLS” – for the coatings with high coefficient of expansion, for complex mobile bases, low temperature application and operation .

2. “DeLS WR” – for the hard climatic conditions with high humidity and frequent rainfall . Can be applied to damp substrates or frost .


1. No bitumen, bitumen-based or urea/carbamide components. Fully synthesized block-copolymer composition only ;

2. Applied to damp substrates. Thus, all the properties of the material and the strength of adhesion to the base fully retains ;

3. Ability to apply at low temperatures (up to -20°C/-4°F) ;

4. 30 years life, exceptional resistance to weather conditions (stabile at temperatures from -50°C/-58°F to 215°C/419°F, maintaining flexibility to -50°C/-58°F). Super-resistance to mechanical damage. Super-resistance to UV radiation;

5. Seamless cover forms an integral membrane including joints places ;

6. High adhesion of the entire area of coverage which makes it impossible for moisture wicking roofing carpet ;

7. High elasticity, absolute resistance to vibration and shifting of the building constructions ;

8. High speed of work : up to 1,500 m2/16,150 sq.ft. of the covering by 1 workteam (2-3 pers.) within 1 day (with mechanized method of application );

9. “Cold” method of applying does not require the material heating and/or open flame use. Curing occurs by evaporation of the solvent with a dry residue of 67.5%.

10. Any standard (RAL-table) color is available.

“DeLS” is certified and successfully tested for waterproofing and roofing of buildings and construction structures : flat and pitched roofs, concrete, walls, biological aggressive environments, exploited and unexploited roofs on concrete base, roof repair on the roll or other materials, metal roofs repair, basement waterproofing, retaining walls and basements, ponds, pools and reservoirs, balconies, terraces and facades.

APPLICATION : By an airless-spray machine or brush/roller on a clean, dust-free surface, free of loose coatings and inclusions. The coating and joints may be strengthened by the reinforcing fabric. Recommended temperature for application: from -20°C/-4°F to +40°C/+104°F. Drying time : 12 – 24 hours. Thickness of the finished coatings can range from 1mm/0.04in to 4mm/0.16in, depending on the type of coating (roof, basement, wall etc). 1 mm / 0.04 inch of coating thickness requires 1.2kg of the product per 1m2 or 0.2 lb per 1 sq.ft.

PACKAGING AND STORAGE : Metal bucket 10-20 kg / 22-44 lb with a re-sealable lid. Shelf life – 12 months.

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