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CA GOP Chairwoman on the Golden State’s flip

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California GOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson on the recent ‘red wave’ that has struck the Golden State, the future of the Republican Party in California and more … Republicans’ Diversity vs
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McConnell declines to say Trump lost…

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate GOP leadership hold a news briefing. McConnell declines to say Trump lost. “This has become a weekly ritual,” he replies. “The Electoral College is gonna meet on the 14th and cast a vote. We’re gonna have a swearing in of the next president on. Why don’t we concentrate on what we have to do the next 2 weeks?” McConnell isn’t ready to discuss President-elect Biden’s nominees. “All the discussion about who may come next in the cabinet is something I’m not prepared to address yet. We’ve got two weeks of important business left to do and that’s where I’m going to concentrate my time.” McConnell signals a possible endgame if a deal isn’t struck soon: Cut liability shield and state/local aid for now, pass consensus policies. “Leaving here without a covid relief package cannot happen. We have to get that done,” he says. “I think both sides fully understand that.”
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