Recall Newsom Campaign Gets 1 Million+ Signatures

0:00 Recall Newsom Campaign Gets Over 1M Signature The effort to recall California governor Gavin Newsom gets closer to the 1.5 million signature threshold. One of the campaign offices in Southern California received over 20,000 signatures in just one day. 2:36 LA Hospitals in Crisis Amid Virus Surges As virus cases surge, hospitals in LA county are considering setting up a team of triage officers to decide which patients could get access to resources such as ventilators, respiratory therapists, and critical care nurses. 4:58 New NY Bill: Post Health Risk, Go to Jail The New York state assembly is handling a controversial proposal. It would let the governor detain those he perceives to be a health risk. No warrant would be required. People could be held for up to 60 days. It would go into effect when the state declares a state of emergency. People who count as a health risk to others might be those who have been in contact with someone who tested positive. They don’t necessarily have to test positive themselves. If a detained person were to ask to be let go, the detainer has one week to get a warrant from a judge before having to let the person go. 7:05 Catholic School Accused of Discrimination Villa Duchesne, a Catholic all-girls school in St. Louis, Missouri is being sued. An 18 year-old white, female student had a sticker on her laptop of the “thin blue line”, which signals support for law enforcement. In response, the lawsuit alleges students and faculty accused her of being a racist and harassed her.

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