Biden’s Twitter followers are fake?

Campaign to recall California Gov. Newsom at tipping point; Biden’s Twitter followers are fake?
Donald Trump publicly endorsed Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her run for Arkansas governor, who served as the former President’s press secretary until June 2019. Sen. Patrick Leahy went to the hospital just hours after he presided over the start of the Senate impeachment trial of Trump. The actual trial will begin in February. But it is very unlikely the impeachment will pass since 45 Republican Senators have voted against this Impeachment Trial. While Trump’s twitter account is being permanently suspended, Biden is getting 100,000 followers on twitter every day. Bre Wylde said, “If you go to Joe Biden’s followers, I say at least 70 percent of them joined in January, and have zero followers.” This means the tech giants and the Biden team are working feverishly to manipulate the public into believing that the newly sworn-in Joe Biden is loved by thousands of people. The number of people called to remove California Governor Gavin Newsom has exceeded 1.2 million as of January 23. “Recall Gavin Newsom” signs are seen frequently in many public places. Some people have also put “Recall Newsom” signs on their vehicles. To make the recall process initiated, about 1.5 million eligible signatures need to be collected by March 17.
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