Texas Governor Order Agencies to Sue Biden Admin

Texas Governor Order Agencies to Sue Biden Admin; Biden Pick Backed CCP-Tied Group: Report …

​ Annual ‘March for Life Rally’ in DC 03:21​ SC Senate Passes Heartbeat Abortion Bill 04:11​ Texas Gov. EO: Sue Biden Admin 06:16​ McConnell Rips ‘Piecemeal Green New Deal’ 08:03​ A Closer Look at Biden’s Record-High EO’s 10:38​ Ex-FBI Lawyer Sentenced: 1 Year Probation 11:26​ Texas AG to Investigate Robinhood Players 11:58​ Dems Seek to Expand Mail-In Ballots 13:45​ Maricopa Co. to Audit Election Systems 15:20​ Influencer Charged w/ Hindering Election 17:36​ Biden Pick Backed CCP-Tied Group: Report 22:13​ NYC Indoor Dining Opens on Valentine’s Day 25:24​ NYC Mayoral Candidates Debate on Education 27:41​ Silicon Valley Exec. Joins Recall Effort 31:05​ Baidu Given Driverless Vehicle Test Permit 32:12​ HK Plan May End Anonymous Mobile Sim Cards 33:16​ Forced Demolition Victims Left Homeless 37:40​ Lawsuit Claims Subway Tuna Is Not Tuna 38:34​ Bitcoin Soars 14% After Elon Musk Tweet 39:59​ Agricultural Tech Startup Innovates 43:18​ UK Launches Visa Offer to HK Citizens 46:17​ EU Approves Astra-Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine 46:52​ Needle Shortages Hamper Vaccinations 48:23​ Frenchwoman Refuses Sick Father Vaccine 49:35​ UK Bans Flights From UAE 50:11​ Flying Cars Airport to Land in England 51:23​ Danny Macaskill Downhills the Slabs 53:41​ Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart Host Puppy Bowl
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