2 Cops Injured, 11 BLM Protesters Arrested in NYC

February 12 2021 MANHATTAN, New York -Multiple BLM Protesters Arrested in Midtown NYC tonight following a “F**K 12” march. At least 2 members of the press were also said to have been arrested. 11 protesters in total were arrested according to some reports and also there were reports of two injured officers as a result. While we did not witness it, according to eyewitnesses on the scene, the arrests were prompted by a fight. People on the scene stated that q white male with white hair and a camera punched a trans woman. In a photo from the scene, the white haired photographer appeared to have a bloody nose and was being treated in an ambulance. The trans black woman was reportedly arrested. According to Dailynews, the white male is Sam Costanza, a Daily News photographer, he said that he was jumped by 10 or 15 protesters. Costanza said he believed he suffered a broken nose. Two members of the press have been arrested, at least one of them is NYPD credentialed press. It is unknown if the press card was visible at the time of his detainment.
Video by FNTV freedomnews.tv (Desk@freedomnews.tv)