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Two States on Path to Change Election Laws

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01:20​ Texas Gov. Sends Warning Message to Cartels 03:47​ WH Won’t Confirm Number of Unaccompanied Minors at Border 05:25​ WH: Protections, Residency for Venezuelans 06:41​ DHS Staff to Assist Border Patrol 08:05​ Georgia, Iowa to Limit Absentee Voting 09:52​ Nevada Dem Staffers Quit Over Socialists’ Win 11:52​ Twitter Sues TX Ag, Alleges Abuse of Office 13:20​ House to Take Up Relief Bill by Wed: Pelosi 15:00​ Congress Denounces CCP’s HK Election Reforms 16:23​ Cuomo Expands Vaccine Eligibility to Age 60+ 18:14​ People Flock to Movies, Bars Amid Reopenings 20:17​ NY Long Island Railroad Suffers Service Cuts 21:54​ NYC Creates Relief Fund for Cab Drivers 22:51​ NYPD Asks New Yorkers to Help Clean Graffiti 24:15​ Calif. Mayor Pro Tem Admits to Election Fraud 25:11​ Spike Aerospace Introduces New Supersonic Aircraft 30:15​ U.S. Commerce Secretary Owns Stake in WeChat 31:41​ Senator Questions NBA’s Deal With Chinese TV 33:00​ Huawei to Build Internet Cables for France 34:30​ Thai Leader Sprays Sanitizer on Reporters 38:09​ Buying Surge Creates Port Delays 40:01​ The Four-Day Workweek Is Catching On 42:20​ Hawaii Considers Nation’s Highest Income Tax 43:27​ UBS Swiss Bank Appeal Trial Begins 45:13​ Up to 10 Yrs in Jail for Damaging Statues 46:42​ Meteorite From Outer Space Lands in UK 49:32​ Oak Trees Chopped to Repair Notre Dame Spire 51:03​ Zero-Waste Movement Spreads Across London 53:34​ Local Develops Prosthesis for Koala
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