By virtue or despite of…

November 16, 2021 at Tenri Cultural Institute the iconic event took place in the New York`s cultural life, – this is an opening of the exhibition of contemporary art, named “By virtue or despite of…” organized by International Art Alliance and Ukrainian artists of America, jointly with their Ukrainian colleagues.  
The event takes place in the famous district of Manhattan, Chelsey, which focused in itself cultural pulse of our multinational city.
Almost two years of Pandemic impacted on lives of artists not only in the USA but also in the whole world. And finally, after these two years thanks to the efforts of the exhibition´s curator Tatiyana Borodina, this event was destined to be.
The Union of Ukrainian artists of America  is a structure, which integrated in itself creative people with Ukrainian roots living in the USA and Canada. Among the members of the organization there are a lot of artists working in various genres – from decorative applied arts to contemporary culture. The aim of the Union is to preserve cultural connections of Ukrainian people with their historical motherland as well as to represent among American audience the cultural heritage of Ukraine.
Current art exhibition in Chelsey is designed to fulfill this important mission. The vernissage turned out to be vivid and diverse. Basically, painting, graphics and jewellery are presented here.
On the exhibition one may enjoy the works both by masters of art and by young artists. Among them Mikhail Turovsky (USA), Mikola Zhuravel (Ukraine), Elena Lezhen (USA), Armine Bozhko (USA), Ola Rondiak (USA), Miroslav Duzinkevich (USA), Anna Miklashevich (Slovenia), Oksana Movchan (Canada), Tatyana Rusetskaya (Ukraine). The art of jewellery is represented by Kira Koktysh (USA).
Exposition of the exhibition contains works of various genres, one may contemplate here urbanistic landscapes, abstract art, portrait genre, still-lifes  and surrealistic canvases. Stylistics of performing varies from graphic expressionism, linear graphics, realistic portraits to vividness of palette of contemporary painting. All this characterises no ordinary development of contemporary artistic processes, absorbing in themselves both historical tradition and modern tendencies of the world´s artistic culture.    
The exhibition given became a real culture present for art specialists as well as for ordinary art lovers. One may enjoy the vernissage till November 22, 2021.

Bella Gurfel