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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Appears Live on “Davidzon Radio”

Gregory Davidzon: Hello, yes. [Speaks in Russian.] We have on air, on our station, big friend of our community and to the state of Israel, mayor of New York City, Honorable Eric Adams. [Speaks in Russian.] Mayor, microphone is yours.

Mayor Eric Adams: Thank you. It’s been many years that you know, you and I have had a strong friendship for so many years. And brother Davidzon, I share your pain that the entire Jewish community both here in America and across the globe is feeling right now. I am outraged that this level of violence was inflicted on innocent people during the most holiest day of the year for those of Jewish faith and all New Yorkers feel the…

Davidzon: Just a second, we will translate. Okay, just a second.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Davidzon: Continue, please.

Mayor Adams: And we are really supporting Israel and the leadership there as they pursue all those who are responsible for this terrible display of violence. And I wanted to make sure that I add my voice to those who are feeling this painful encounter.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Mayor Adams: Here in New York, the New York City Police Department is on high alert at all of the important sites as well as the communities where we have a known large Jewish population. We have no threat right now but we are really vigilant.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Davidzon: Okay. [Speaks in Russian.] 

Translator: I want to thank you, mayor, for being with us right now, and our question to you, have you been in Israel, or what you think about this country?

Mayor Adams: I have been to Israel three times, as recently…as recent as last month. And I saw how groups were living together in a peaceful manner, and this attack is clearly a way to divide the country, that we cannot allow it to happen.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Mayor Adams: When I visited the Western Wall I saw the Jewish Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Muslim Quarter. There was clearly an energy in Israel that we need peace, and the acts by Hamas want to do just the opposite, and they must be held accountable.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Davidzon: [Speaks in Russian.] 

Translator: I can hear the sorrow in the voice of our mayor, and I appreciate what he is doing to our city, because as he mentioned earlier, the police staying on high alert now to make sure that our population will be safe because most of our listeners are Jewish.

Mayor Adams: And we have the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, lives in New York State. And we know that many were in Israel acknowledging the high holy days, and we are concerned about their well being.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Davidzon: [Speaks in Russian.] 

Translator: Do you have any statements to our community, what could we possibly o din order to help manage this situation. Maybe share some information, maybe do something in terms of vigilance. What would you ask our community to do?

Mayor Adams: Well, one, we must immediately report any act of hate crime or violence, we should not allow it to go unreported. The people who are responsible will be held accountable. That’s number one. Okay. Number two, we must bring together all the communities who want us to live in unison here in New York by making sure we join together in raising our voices against hate. And number three, we must hold those accountable for any acts of hate to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And we must use stations like yours to continue to inform people on their rights and now we can come together. I really want to thank you for all you have done to bring people together in the city.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Davidzon: [Speaks in Russian.] I will translate. I told people that I never forget your position in this situation, because many, many of our listeners, people who are Jewish, and ask people to remember this as well and support our mayor in any situation, because one person in the hard time together with us it’s very, very important, it’s worth it a lot.

Mayor Adams: Thank you so much. And we have been friends for many years, and friends are there for each other during painful times.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Davidzon: [Speaks in Russian.] 

Translator: I want to ask you for some favor, we’ll have a number of questions of our…from members of our community which I would love to discuss with the mayor but definitely now I understand that now is not the right moment to do that. We all of us, all of our [thoughts] is concerning the situation in Israel. But I want to ask you to find a moment in your tight schedule and see me to discuss that number of questions that are very important to our listeners and community in general.

Mayor Adams: I would love to do that. Let’s schedule a day we can get together. And I also want to routinely check in with the station to inform your listenership of the things we’re doing in the city.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Davidzon: [Speaks in Russian.] 

Translator: Well, our regular station is on the air that’s almost for 20 years and so many mayors, but you are the only one who’s spending so much time in order to work with our community and we really do appreciate what you’re doing for us.

Mayor Adams: I like to believe I’m not just your mayor, I’m your brother. Brother Davidzon has been with me for so many years, and I will never forget his just support and friendship.

Davidzon: Thank you very much.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Davidzon: [Speaks in Russian.] 

Translator: From all our questions, we’re running out of time. Do you have any connection with federal government, and what’s federal government thinks and trying to do in terms of the situation in Israel?

Mayor Adams: I did a call this afternoon…this morning with some of our congressional leaders, and they are assisting with getting those New Yorkers who are in Israel home safely to New York. And so we are all going to coordinate together to be there for Israel during this time.

Translator: [Speaks in Russian.]

Davidzon: [Speaks in Russian.] I want to thanks again, mayor, for the dedicated time, and we are always glad to have you here and remind our listeners that we had it on air, the mayor of the City of New York, The Honorable Eric Adams.

Mayor Adams: Thank you very much, and take care.

October 8, 2023

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