Hits: 43 Michael Franzese – Sit Down, I have a guest who’s kind of controversial, a staunch conservative, a fellow Christian, writer, and filmmaker. The creator of the documentary film 2000 Mules, Dinesh D’Souza. We talked about certain things in society, in government, and issues in this country that we’reContinue Reading

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Hits: 27 KICKING WASP NESTS … Dean Blundell: We didn’t doxx or threaten to doxx. We posted a link to the leak which takes the onus off us legally pushing people to someone else’s work. We don’t doxx or threaten people. Never have.Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as aContinue Reading

Hits: 16 “The Big Sunday Show” panelists react to arrests made during the Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests.Freedom Convoy is a series of ongoing protests and blockades in Canada against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions. The convoy was originally created to protest vaccine mandates for crossing the United States border, butContinue Reading

Hits: 113 Video above –  with speech of Mark Szuszkiewicz (Mark Szuszkiewicz  is running for election to the U.S. Senate to represent New York. He declared candidacy for the Republican primary scheduled on June 28, 2022. )  has been removed  with this notis  “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s CommunityContinue Reading

Hits: 21 Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses the media’s continued lies about President Trump. Plus, two new lawsuits regarding boosters and an update on the trucker protest in Canada. Judicial Watch news video. Which happened first, the French Revolution, or the American Revolution? http://MidtownTribune.com 1American Revolution – 1765 – 2.Continue Reading