Commie Mob Annihilated By The Infowar. Video

This all began back in 2015 on February 12. Sergio and Monica Lejarazu’s piñata store they had been operating for eight years and had three years remaining on their lease was razed by the landlords from hell, F and F real estate Ventures. F and F tore it down in order to facilitate having a SXSW event on the property. Jordan French of F and F insinuated in an interview with culture map Austin that ” “Probably their livelihood was selling helium and stolen bicycles,” Sergio had been charged with theft by appropriation in 2014 after buying two stolen bikes .
French continued. “They weren’t making a living selling piñatas; they were selling something else. I don’t want to speculate what that is.” However, he went on to suggest that it was likely “uncontrolled substances.” “That’s just my opinion, though,” French added.“Say you have a house that was infested by roaches,” French described it. “You have to clean that up.”

In December of 2015 Sergio and Monica reached an undisclosed settlement with F and Real Estate. While F and F’s founder Jordan French had to resign from his own company. The Alex Jones video


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