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Is Donald Trump a Fascist? – Ross Douthat DEC. 3, 2015

The Republican establishment, that lumbering beast, still can’t decide on how and whether and when to go after Donald J. Trump. But last week a few Republican insiders floated an accusation that you usually hear liberals sling against the right: That the real estate magnate turned populist is actually a fascist….

…  Writing for Slate last week, Jamelle Bouie argued that Trumpism, however ideologically inchoate, manifests at least seven of the hallmarks of fascism identified by the Italian polymath Umberto Eco….

…  Whether or not we want to call Trump a fascist outright, then, it seems fair to say that he’s closer to the “proto-fascist” zone on the political spectrum than either the average American conservative or his recent predecessors in right-wing populism…..


Donald Trump’s Alt-Reality

Since Election Day there has been an abundance of liberal hyperbole about the dangers of a Trump administration.

Michael Kinsley wrote in the Washington Post that “Donald Trump is Actually a Fascist.” Jonathan Chait warned in New York magazine of “the step-by-step acceptance of the unthinkable as normal.” Masha Gessen, a Russian journalist known for her opposition to Vladimir Putin who is also a colleague, primed Americans on what to expect from a Trump administration in an essay in The New York Review of Books: “Autocracy: Rules for Survival.”

NY Times 12 15 2016



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