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Day: August 23, 2020

  • Manhattan . New BLOOD BATH on Black Lives Matter “Mural” outside Trump Tower

    Repeat “offender” Juliett Germanotta, dressed as Statue of Liberty, has once again “vandalized” Black Lives Matter “mural” in front of Trump Tower. Under event named BLOOD BATH she spread fake blood over herself and painted pink over the mural. She was arrested. Video by Oliya Scootercaster and @NewYorkCityPeople (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

  • Kellyanne Conway To Leave White House

    Advisor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway set to walk away at the end of August. Conway was previously Trump’s campaign manager, having been appointed in August 2016/ She is the first woman to have run a successful U.S. presidential campaign.CBS2 New York News video.

  • 2 Killed, At Least 12 Shot, Adding To Wave Of Weekend Gun Violence In NYC

    Coney Island, Brooklyn, Bronx and Harlem. New York City‘s deadly and violent weekend continued Sunday morning when police said at least 12 more people were shot since late Saturday night. CBS2 New York News video.

  • Why Is Kodak Making Pharmaceuticals?

    KODAK, BUSINESS AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES Last month, the U.S. government announced a letter of interest to provide Kodak with a $765 million loan to launch Kodak Pharmaceuticals. Under this loan, Kodak would manufacture critical pharmaceutical components that have been identified by the FDA as essential but have lapsed into chronic national shortage. But the deal…

  • New York Protests in Solidarity with Belarus

    Manhattan . Protesters marched through New York City’s Midtown streets on Saturday (August 22nd) in solidarity and support for ongoing protests in Belarus. Massive protests which were sparked by the recent re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko. New York protesters carried banners such as “Lukashenko is a murderer, not the president” and chanted “Belarus lives”. Protesters…

  • Man Wanted For Threatening Conductor On LIRR Train

    Police in Suffolk County are looking for a man they say threatened a Long Island Rail Road conductor with a knife.CBS New York News video.

  • The Attack On Capitalism. Exploring Socialism’s Shortcomings

    UMITED STATES IS A MIRACLE – WHY SOME AMERICANS WANT CHANGE IT? According to a recent poll from The Hill, 7 in 10 millennials say they would vote for a socialist. What does this mean for the future of America? In this Sunday Special collection, Ben Shapiro guests explore the evils of collectivist ideology as…