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How Hydrogen Trucks Are Shaping The Future Of The Port Of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is best known as the center of Hollywood film and TV production. But it’s also home to the largest container port in North America, the adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Every year, this facility handles more than nine million individual cargo containers, and processes more than $276 billion worth of goods flowing in and out of the ports. You might not know it, but this is a real hotspot for advanced technology vehicles. It’s the single biggest entry port for goods from Asia – cars, clothes, electronics, everything that Americans buy – probably passes through these ports. With all of that activity, it takes a huge number of vehicles to keep cargo flowing armies of big trucks, loaders, forklifts, and the side armies of big trucks, loaders, forklifts powered by gasoline and diesel fuel…..
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Alex Carini, Founder and CEO of Carini Group speaks about the current Real Estate market in NYC

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Alex Carini, Founder and CEO of Carini Group speaks with Gene Panasenko on ” Straight. Unfiltered” and shares his opinion on the current New York City Real Estate market, work with both domestic and international clients, challenges and opportunities in today’s environment. 350 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036 Phone: 917 833 4388 alex@carinigroup.com http://www.carinigroup.com