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Orthodox Jewish Family Slashed Near Battery Park ….

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NEW YORK – A young family is recovering after being randomly slashed near Battery Park. Police say the suspect was out on parole. The youngest victim was in a stroller. City officials told CBS2’s Ali Bauman on Thursday there is a pattern with these recent random assaults and hate crimes. Many of the suspects are homeless, mentally ill or recently incarcerated. Experts say the revolving door between prison and the shelter system is getting worse and finding solutions would make all of us safer. Surveillance video shows a Hasidic couple walking near Battery Park with their 1-year-old on Wednesday evening when a man attacks from behind, slashing all three. Police arrested 30-year-old Darryl Jones. He has 12 priors and was just released on parole in February after serving time for attempted murder. One day earlier, police arrested Brandon Elliot for stomping on a 65-year-old Asian woman in Hell’s Kitchen. He​ was living in a nearby homeless shelter after being released from prison on lifetime parole in 2019 for murdering his own mother.