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How To Stop Your IoT Devices From Being Hacked | Straight Talking Cyber

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When the FBI warned that hackers can use the smart gadgets you have at home “to do a virtual drive-by of your digital life,” it was smart connected gadgets they had in mind. This week’s report into a vulnerability with cheap smart plugs available on Amazon can be added to recent warnings about kitchen gadgets and security cameras. But there was also a more worrying story this week—one that is much more of a concern. Reports suggested that a home internet router had been remotely attacked, exploiting its factory-set password to hijack an IP address to mask “illicit” activity. In my view, the specific attack alleged in these reports is implausible, but Zak Doffman agrees that a router in such a default state is a very serious risk.

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#EIDL#PPP#Stimulus The U.S. Small Business Administration launched the Community Navigator Pilot Program, a $100 million grant program enacted through the American Rescue Plan Act, which will provide counseling, networking and the assistance needed during this time of economic recovery to the nation’s smallest businesses. The program will target small businesses owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, as well as women and veterans. Attorney Tiffany A. Donaldson, Founding Attorney of Donaldson Legal Counseling PLLC, speaks with Gene Panasenko on “Straight & Unfiltered” about the latest SBA Initiatives and how small businesses can benefit from them.