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Covid 19 … How to fight ?

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From my own curiosity I did a research (I believe about 15-17 years ago) the multiple researches had studies done in regards of vit D deficiency and effect on upper respiratory infections including cold and flu. Vitamin D is very important for bone health, and has also been linked with immune function and protection against cancer. One of the article demonstrated the research done in Africa where there was a large population dying from Influenza! They had found that the population had a genetic problems with vit D absorption from the natural sun exposure. The population was given Vit D as a supplement. The research then demonstrated end in epidemic spread and death in Africa.  At about the same time it’s also became a mandatory annual blood examination in USA. Before we didn’t have it!   Most of us living in the urban areas have a natural deficiency of Vit D in our body. Now, because of the quarantine, people will be even more deprived of Vit D in their system, due to decreased sun exposure! Therefore more then ever before we need to get Vit D3 daily (four – five thousand) 4-5000 (IU) for adults; Consult  with pediatrician on dosage for your children. Please don’t overdose, as Vit D toxicity can precipitate kidney problems. We need to educate public about the benefits of Vit D  especially on our immune system and importance of supplemental Vit D3 for prevention and healing from Coronavirus!
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