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Artists and the coronavirus.

People with extraordinary abilities are always admired. With a talented young artist, student of Kingsborough College Lasha Bagaturia, a native of Georgia, a graduate of an Art Institute in Kutaisi I met at an exhibition. It was impossible to take my eyes off his paintings. His original, stylish designs of houses, apartments, and offices are prestigious in Georgia today. All the popular magazines like TBILISOBO and BOMONDI carry articles about Bataguria. He also made several appearances on the radio. The American trends in his work have been also very impressive lately.
A true master is constantly striving for perfection and that is why Lasha goes to America to visit a design exhibition at the famous Javits Center in 2015. New York, where the best creations of great masters are collected in museums, where the world’s best designers work, where experienced teachers can give an impetus to a young master’s career, and hone his writing technique, has always attracted him ..
    In love with his profession, he entered Kingsborough College, where he is improving his English and taking classes in art and interior design. He, a mature artist, is happy to share his skills with young students and enthusiastically immerse himself in his studies. While he continues his creative activity his works are exhibited in art galleries in Soho, Midtown, Lower East Side (“Artifact Gallery”), and in “George Bill Gallery”. His painting, which depicts a handsome eagle (as on the US coat of arms) with a powerful beak and spread wings demonstrates the invincible power of the state. His other painting “Freedom” shows the long and difficult path to true Freedom that America has gone through. In addition to new motives in his work Lasha mastered a new technique to paint with an aerosol and hands. Recognition of his skill in the increasingly popular technique was the purchase of the work by the world-famous hotel chain “Hilton”.  So now the painting can be admired in the hotel restaurant on the 42nd Street in Manhattan.
The coronavirus has left its mark on everything and on Lasha Bagaturia’s bright personality too.  His easily recognizable individual painting style is based on the desire to comprehend the deepest meaning of all that exists. His paintings are colorful and they bring down on the viewer the richest spectrum of colors and shades that are in amazing harmony. Lasha does not strive for photographic accuracy, giving his landscapes romanticism or sometimes mystery. The essence of his painting is not in the arrangement of figures and stains of paint, but in the thoughts and feelings that he puts into his work. Conceiving the plot of the future picture, Lasha sets a goal not only to express his vision of the world, but, mostly important, to make the viewer think. It was during the period of the coronavirus that he continued to  make particularly interesting and unique works. He used to go out on the roof of the house where he lived and never stopped creating new incomparable works. One of them was a unique painting in which he depicted the genius of our time, Steve Jobs.  This was an oil painting in the style of abstract surrealism. The portrait is depicted with those symbols that we see on the phone, computer, and Facebook and without which many people can no longer imagine their lives.
 The artist’s goal with this creative method is the spontaneous expression of the inner world (subconsciousness) in chaotic forms not organized by logical thinking.
The initial phase of the movement – abstract surrealism (abstract surrealism) appeared in the 1940s, under the influence of the ideas of André Breton. Its main adherents were American artists Hans Hoffmann, Arshile Gorky, Adolph Gottlieb and others. The movement gained special scope in the 1950s, when it was headed by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning ..
The managers of the famous company at APPLE STORE on the 5th Avenue and  the 58th Street in Manhattan learned about his work and invited him to a group of highly professional designers to make an exhibition of paintings. Everything, including the work of Lasha Bagaturia, moves forward and does not stand still, and undergoes changes over time especially during the period of coronavirus. …
    Marina Lagunova

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