Veteran Comforts Kids Plagued by Gun Violence

01:13 Infantry Sent to Kabul to Evacuate Diplomats
03:25 Parts of New York Eviction Moratorium Lifted
05:24 CDC Panel Recommends 3rd Covid-19 Vax Dose
06:11 Outlet Corrects Inflated Kids’ Covid Numbers
08:10 SF Requires Full Vaccination for All Indoors
09:40 New Yorker Organizes Protest of Vaccine Pass
11:39 TX Senate Passes Voter Bill After Filibuster
13:27 NY Supreme Court Sides With Project Veritas
14:38 Veteran Comforts Kids Plagued by Gun Violence
16:43 White House Announces New Sanctions on Cuba
17:41 New Yorkers Battling Extreme Heat
19:41 Tropical Storm Warning Issued: Florida Keys
20:10 Immigrant Mother Fights Crt at School Meeting
23:02 Rural U.S. Awaiting Internet Speed Boost
25:01 Treehouses Trending w/ Travelers in the U.S.
30:15 Report: CIA Mulls China Unit to Combat CCP
32:21 Flooding in China Kills at Least 21 People
33:11 Jailed Samsung Leader Released on Parole
35:05 Plymouth Shooting: Suspect Identified
38:09 Germany Marks 60th Anniversary of Berlin Wall
41:18 New Experiences Revamp Struggling High Street
43:57 Amazon Moves ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series to UK
45:23 Heatwave Does Not Deter Tourists in Rome

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