Art of Music

Songs Without Words: The Art of Music November 20, 2021 – March 6, 2022

I don’t know how many of our readers are familiar with the Nassau County Museum of Art.
I personally was surprised when a friend asked me to go there this weekend to see its new installation called ”Art of Music”. What a pleasant discovery that was!
This show exists in different levels: exploring music, dance, visual art.
It’s  travelling through different cultures and times, creating the connection between the different styles of art and bringing you through the times from Bach to Kandinsky, to Romare Bearden, one of the best colorist of modern art, to Betty Davis – one of the best singer of the twenty century jazz, from Edgar Degas, Henry Matisse, Juan Gris and Juan Miro to Larry Davis, Dorothy Dehner and, another surprise, Lady Gaga, from the silent world of deaf artist to the tragedy of deaf composer, to the inimitable style of Jasper Jones’s art .

It’s amazing to see all the beautiful legendary musical instruments of the different times and cultures that found their temporary home in the historic building of the museum.

The western culture is organically connected to sounds of Pacific islands and dances of South American Indians tribes.  The exhibition organizers performed a wonderful job establishing  this exhibition and creating very unusual and beautiful show that takes you on the road where you want to find more and more about the world of the visualization of sound and the spiritual side of music.

Bella Gurfel <>

Museum Hours: The Mansion Closed Monday Tuesday – Sunday 11am to 4:45pm
Last entry is in the 3:30-4 pm
Nassau County Museum of Art
One Museum Drive Roslyn Harbor, NY 11576
Phone: (516) 484-9338


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