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Insane Lefties Line Up For Hours To Test For Running Noses


Video transcription: Well friends looks like the NPC bots of the lefties don’t really like the term “mass formation psychosis” to describe their mental acuity because of course you’d have to be insane to question these people over here.
I mean look at all these individuals. They’re clearly operating within what would be considered the normal range for brain aptitude. I mean look at they’re all sitting here in their cars waiting to get tested because of course they’re probably going to die. Right ?
They’ve got this asymptomatic thing that’s killing them and so they got to go get tested.
Is that what we’re doing .
I got lots of questions by the way with this video again. All of these people are supposed to be the pillars of big giant brains – that we’re supposed to be listening to while they sit here and they’re totally not causing climate change right ? right
It’s it look all these f-n people ?
They say I don’t want to use plastic straws. right?
How dare you have hamburgers ! Aren’t you going to get a bunch of plastic ? Shoved up your nose and your ass over for this test while you pull that piece of plastic off your f-n face and probably throw it out your window – because I’ve seen these f-n plastic masks all over the places !
None of this is causing climate change ?
I noticed a lot of snow on the ground out here and I was told that global warming was going to have abnormal levels of snow, so this this is probably all related right now of course these f-n idiots over here !
But uh here – you go they’re also deathly ill that they’re going to wait in line for hours to get a test for a virus with a 99 survival rate !
That’s right ! eric spracklin and if you question any of this. If you say that this looks weird uh all these people waiting in line for a PCR test, to find out if they got “the most deadliest virus known to man” because they’re asymptomatic even though the PCR test that they’re waiting inline for over here was totally just s-t on by the CDC like the other day.
If you question any of that you’re gonna get kicked off of any of these platforms that are totally not facilitating propaganda i mean holy s-t if you if you question these people, they’re going to get you kicked off of everything.
These people by the way, they’re all waiting to lie ! They’re all triple jabbed by the way ! All triple jabbed and Marjorie Taylor grade was making fun of these people.
Puts this out there and it gets her uh – her twitter account completely. Note now I’m noticing a trend this is first of all- the CDC’s owned vares numbers, so you can’t post that the the verse numbers are against twitter’s f-n rules that’s weird.
She gets kicked off for saying that and then they kick dr. Malone ( DrMalone is a widely published mRNA vaccine expert who went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to raise concerns over the COVID-19) off for his uh dr Blown as the inventor of the MRNa technology – they kick him off of twitter because he was questioning everything that’s going on. Because none of this makes any sense at face value and again you’re not allowed to question any of this, because they’re mid operation right now and that’s how you get the whole uh the whole mass formation psychosis thing that popped up and f-n google’s sitting there going…. whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
all of our angry feminist losers with kool-aid in their hair – they on break even though they hate f-n Christmas and i can you celebrate New Years !
I gotta imagine New Year’s has got to be racist at this point too right right something about the Gregorian calendar – definitely being racist anyway . All of these f-nall of these diversity hires for all of these outlets they’ve been on break they’ve been out there indulging in meth and kombucha enemas and so they are 15 f-n gallons deep at this point and they ain’t staggering to their laptops to whip up some more misinformation for the New York Times, the Washington Post and all these other outlets and so
They don’t have any gaslighting, they don’t have any astroturfing articles that they can put in the google trends list for mass formation psychosis and so if you were searching for that today if you punch that into the search engine engine today it says hold on a second – this is a fast fast changing topic over here we gotta wait a few more days until these f-n get back to f-n work, so we can fill your feet up with propaganda because you certainly can’t listen to dr. Robert Malone.
Can’t listen to that dude. You can’t question uh thev ares data. Can’t listen to dr Malone you can’t wonder why all of these people are absolutely convinced that they’re going to die so much so that they’re going to wait in line in the middle of a snowstorm over here to get tested for something that they’re supposed to have a 99.9 chance of getting over and that’s before they start engaging in experimental injections.
I’m thinking all these f-n suckers in this line right here their their blood type is moderna right now – these people have at least three jabs – some of them are probably on their fourth f-n jet but they’re absolutely convinced that they’ve got to wait in line again for another PCR test – even though again Fauchi, Walinski the CDC and everybody was admitting the the PCR test they all f-k up that’s why they cut your quarantine time in half.
All of this is clearly some sort of hysteria ! It’s clearly some sort of mass delusion if not psychosis but of course not allowed to say to you that because all of the sego of balls need protection because the seare the dudes who are pumping a lot of f-n money into Big Pharma and also throwing a lot of weight towards all of these medical tyrants running these blue f-n places, because that’s what you’re seeing right now.
You’re seeing an addiction in overreach power grabs by democrat mayors and governors and all these other f-n running – these over here and of course you’re watching Big Pharma just swimming in taxpayer money – all brought to you by a bunch of goofballs over here. Who are absolutely convinced that they’re going to die !
They’re going to die totally – not mass formation psychosis – all right !
Salty Cracker official video.

January 2022

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