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New York. Mayor Eric Adams Makes Coastal Resiliency-Related Announcement

Mayor Eric Adams Makes Coastal Resiliency-Related Announcement in Anticipation of 10-Year Commemoration of Superstorm Sandy
Pier 35 Intersection of Jefferson Street & South Street Lower Manhattan October 26, 2022

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams today marked the upcoming 10-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy by taking a number of critical steps to build the long-term resilience of New York City. First, Mayor Adams broke ground on the Brooklyn Bridge-Montgomery Coastal Resilience (BMCR) project, which will install a combination of flood walls and deployable flip-up barriers to protect the Two Bridges neighborhood of Manhattan from a 100-year coastal storm surge, accounting for sea level rise expected by 2050, while also maintaining access and visibility to the waterfront.  

Additionally, the Adams administration announced a new program — Climate Strong Communities (CSC) — as part of the city’s strategic climate strategy. A central initiative of AdaptNYC, CSC is a community engagement and project development program that will help create the next pipeline of resiliency projects that target multiple types of hazards. It will focus on neighborhoods that did not benefit from existing or planned Sandy recovery projects. 

Mayor Adams also called on the federal government to create a coastal infrastructure formula funding program that will provide approximately $8.5 billion in pre-disaster mitigation grant funding to enable New York City to complete critical resiliency projects, including the following:  

“Ten years ago, flooded subways, a weeklong blackout downtown, billions in property damage, and 44 of our neighbors killed tragically showed what climate change can do to our city,” said Mayor Adams. “Sandy wasn’t just a storm; it was a warning. Another storm could hit our city at any time and that is why our administration is doing everything we can to prepare and protect New Yorkers. We have embarked on the some of the largest urban climate adaptation projects in the county, with initiatives like the Brooklyn Bridge-Montgomery Coastal Resilience project and Climate Strong Communities. New York City’s infrastructure projects are more complex, novel, and unparalleled compared to any other American city, but many remain in various stages of completion, and we need our partners in the federal government to help provide us with regular and reliable resiliency funding of approximately $8.5 billion. We must continue to act quickly to bolster our defenses, prevent damage, and save lives.”  

“New Yorkers deserve a resilient city — one that not just recovered from Sandy, but is prepared for the impacts of the effects of the next storm,” said First Deputy Mayor Lorraine Grillo.  “Tools like Progressive Design Build, which the Capital Process Reform Task Force included in its initial recommendations, are essential to our ability to build the resilient public works projects that our city needs.” 
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