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Estimated 3 million attend Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

They packed the streets of Manhattan for the 96th edition of the famed event.

Where can I watch the Parade this year?

Following all current city & state health regulations for the production of our annual holiday celebration, spectator viewing on Thanksgiving Day will be managed by our partners in the NYPD, along our traditional 2.5-mile route, which stretches from the Upper West Side to Midtown. Please check back soon for more details about where to watch our Parade.

Will grandstand seating be available this year?

Unfortunately, limited seating areas are not available to the general public & tickets are not for sale.

Will the Macy’s Balloon Inflation event on the night before Thanksgiving return?

Macy’s signature giant character balloons will be prepared for their Thanksgiving Day flights on Wednesday, November 23, on the Upper West Side.

Can I participate in the Parade as a balloon handler, clown or volunteer?

Since it began in 1924, participants have been Macy’s colleagues, their families & friends or others who have a relationship with the Parade’s elements and/or partners. This participation policy still exists today. With the exception of invited performing talent (i.e., marching bands, celebrities, singers, etc.), aspiring participants must fall under one of these categories & be approved via application granted by the Macy’s Parade Office.Click here for the full Parade Participation Policy.

I have a band/performance group that is interested in participating in the Parade. How do I apply?

Directors of marching bands may apply for the 2024 Parade, & directors of performance groups with unique entertainment value may apply for the 2023 Parade. Apply here.

I would love to propose or get married at the Parade. Can you help arrange this?

Though it would be an honor to share in this special moment, this is not something that we can take part in or approve. At this time, we’re devoted to producing the nation’s most beloved holiday event & coordinating thousands of participants, dozens of floats, balloons and vehicles, security & other major logistics.

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