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VIDEO: University professor attacks NY Post reporter with machete in NYC

Shelleen Rodriguez, a teacher, saw a table in the hallway where students had posted anti-abortion pamphlets. She yelled at them and went to throw their materials off the table. Gone are the days when you could just disagree.

The whole thing was, of course, videotaped.

Next episode: a reporter from the NY Post shows up at her house for an interview. A normal person would have told the reporter to fuck off and threatened the police. But Ms. Rodriguez came out with a machete and put it to the reporter’s throat and threatened with a swear word that if she ever saw him in the street again…

The reporter prudently retreated, although she caught up with him in the street and tried to kick him in the ankle a couple of times.

Don’t you remember the scene from Scarface with Al Pacino? Machete and running out into the street?

Despite the protection of leftist organizations (including the

Palestine Solidarity Alliance 🙂 the administration fired the madam. Although more like a ma’amselle.

  1. Why hasn’t she been arrested? Or is a machete equal to a tablespoon in the Bronx?
  2. How did this schmuck get hired in the first place? Here’s a description of her course

Rodríguez’s work “engages with the emotive devices of the Baroque, and pairs itself with hip hop culture to sample and remix its machinations in order to depict the contemporary conditions of despair and alienation or perseverance and subversion of power,”

But you can find more than that in a modern college.

By the way, Hunter College is part of CUNY public school. The taxpayer pays for everything.

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UPDATE: Hunter College Prof Who Yelled at Student Pro-Lifers Holds Machete to Reporter’s Throat

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