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Judge Overturns Election, Calls Evidence of Fraud ‘Shocking’ – Video

Recently, a judge in Connecticut made a surprising decision by overturning a primary election due to significant evidence of ballot fraud. The evidence included video footage showing individuals stuffing numerous ballots into collection boxes. As a result, the judge nullified the election results and called for a new election.

The election in question was the Democratic primary race for mayor in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s largest city. The primary featured incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim and challenger John Gomes as the main candidates. Despite Gomes receiving more in-person votes on Election Day, Ganim managed to secure a victory due to a disproportionate number of absentee ballots in his favor.

John Gomes filed a lawsuit alleging irregularities in the election process, supported by video evidence showing individuals, including city officials, depositing large numbers of ballots into collection boxes improperly.

The footage revealed instances where City Councilwoman Anita Martinez and city official Wanda Getter were seen depositing ballots into the boxes without proper authorization. Additionally, other unidentified individuals were observed engaging in similar activities.

Although neither Martinez nor Getter were found guilty, the footage raised concerns about potential violations of absentee voting laws. The surveillance footage, analyzed by Gomes’s campaign team, indicated a significant disparity between the number of absentee ballots received and the number of individuals seen at the drop boxes.

During the trial, both Martinez and Getter invoked their Fifth Amendment rights, while Mayor Ganim denied any involvement in the alleged scheme, expressing shock at the footage.

Notably, Ganim had a controversial history in office, including a prior conviction for corruption-related charges.

After reviewing the evidence, Judge William Clark ordered a new primary election, citing substantial violations of the law and casting doubt on the legitimacy of the original election results.

Despite the decision, the impending general election remained unaffected, prompting uncertainty about the outcome and potential implications for the mayoral race.

The situation in Bridgeport underscores the complexities and challenges within the electoral process, prompting discussions about accountability, transparency, and the integrity of democratic principles.

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