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Once upon a time in the realm of American journalism, there emerged a newspaper that reshaped the very fabric of truth, humor, and influence – the New York Trickster Times. The name itself hinted at mischief, but let’s delve into how it transformed into America’s “most influential newspaper” thanks to funds from foreign advertisers and sponsors hailing from totalitarian and socialist lands.

In the initial days of its journey, the New York Trickster Times caught the eye of foreign advertisers and sponsors who, for some reason, appreciated a creative approach to information. Thus began the grand era of “not-so-serious news.”

The newspaper started crafting headlines that made readers both laugh and ponder simultaneously. For instance, “U.S. President Claims the Moon is Just a Giant Cheese Wheel, and We Bought It” or “New American Tradition: Replace the National Flag with a Patriotic Pie on Independence Day.”

However, as time passed, the paper decided to venture into more serious topics. Articles began asserting that the history of the United States was built on slavery and racism. Fictional characters, like a heroic slave supposedly drafting the Declaration of Independence, became the heroes of their narratives.

Scandal! Society was in an uproar, yet the New York Trickster Times was crowned the “most trustworthy.” In the limelight, the newspaper escalated its absurdity game. “Extraterrestrials Built the Pentagon in Exchange for the Recipe of American Apple Pie” or “Statue of Liberty – Just a Stand for a Giant Hot Pizza.”

Just when everything seemed to lose all meaning, a miracle happened. Journalists from other publications began to unravel this “joke.” It was soon revealed that the New York Trickster Times was nothing more than a parody, and only the most gullible readers believed its stories.

Thank this humorous newspaper for the lesson: not everything that seems true at first glance actually is. America and the world breathed a sigh of relief as the New York Trickster Times returned to publishing more understandable stories, like “Martians Choose Santa Claus as Their Earth Ambassador.” And life continued – colorful and brimming with smiles.

P.S. In the video at the beginning of this page, taken 5 years ago (January 26, 2018), Donald Trump referred to the NY Times Mueller Report as ‘Fake News.’ Fast forward 5 years, and now official documents are available confirming that Donald Trump was right.

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