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26 US States Rebel Against Joe Biden Administration – Roman Balmakov Video

In a concerning development, it has been revealed that over the past three years, the federal government, led by the Biden Administration, has permitted the release of approximately 6.2 million illegal aliens into the United States. This ongoing influx shows no signs of abating, with the numbers continuing to rise. To put this into perspective, if these illegal aliens were to form their own state within the country, it would rank as the 18th largest state in the nation.

What is particularly alarming about this migrant crisis is the level of facilitation provided by the federal government’s own border patrol. A video captured at the border depicts illegal aliens actively seeking out Border Patrol agents to turn themselves in and be apprehended. This stands in stark contrast to the typical scenario where individuals attempt to evade Border Patrol.

In response to this situation, the state of Texas has initiated “Operation Lone Star,” a comprehensive program aimed at securing its 1,200-mile border with Mexico. This initiative involves setting up booms on the river, granting local judges the authority to order the deportation of illegal aliens, and deploying thousands of National Guard troops to the border region. Moreover, Texas has taken steps to block federal agents from accessing illegal aliens, including assuming control of Shelby Park and erecting razor wire along the border.

The Biden Administration’s response to these measures has been contentious. While federal agents have attempted to dismantle the razor wire fencing, the Texas National Guard has intervened to prevent such actions, leading to escalating tensions between the federal government and state-level authorities. The matter eventually reached the US Supreme Court, which recently ruled against Texas, affirming the federal government’s authority to manage border security measures.

In light of these developments, Texas Governor Greg Abbott invoked the state’s constitutional right to self-defense against what he termed an “actual invasion.” He cited constitutional provisions that empower states to protect their borders in the face of federal dereliction of duty. This declaration has garnered support from 25 Republican governors across the country, who have expressed solidarity with Texas in its efforts to secure the border.

While some Democratic lawmakers have urged President Biden to federalize the Texas National Guard, the situation remains fluid. President Trump has encouraged other governors to send their National Guard troops to assist Texas in border enforcement. Nevertheless, on the ground, cooperation between state and federal authorities persists, with Lieutenant Chris Alvarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety emphasizing the shared goal of border security.

For those seeking further insights into this complex issue, detailed research notes are available in the description box below. Additionally, viewers interested in exclusive content can explore “Facts Matter” episodes on Epic TV, a platform free from censorship, where diverse perspectives are explored in depth.

As the debate over border security intensifies, it is imperative to remain informed and engaged with developments shaping the nation’s immigration policies and practices.

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Video from Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov

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