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The Big 4-0 Roast: A Hilarious Tribute to Aging

Funny at Forty: Jokes to Survive the Midlife Crisis

“At 40, I’ve decided to embrace my inner child. Mainly because my outer adult is falling apart.”

“I’ve reached 40, and now my idea of a balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand.”

“Turning 40 is like finally getting the punchline to a joke you heard 20 years ago – slightly disappointing, but at least now you get it.”

“They say life begins at 40. I’m pretty sure that’s just the age when your metabolism decides to take an extended vacation.”

“At 40, my idea of a wild night out is remembering where I left my car keys.”

“They say life begins at 40. I’m still waiting for the party to start—apparently, it’s been delayed due to technical difficulties.”

“At 40, I’ve realized that my ‘youthful glow’ has been replaced by a ‘slightly frazzled’ ambiance.”

“So, I’ve officially reached 40. Now my knees sound like a percussion section every time I bend down.”

“At 40, I’ve realized that ‘getting lucky’ means finding a parking spot right in front of the grocery store entrance.”

“They say life begins at 40. Does that mean I get a refund for the first 39 years?”

“I’m officially at the age where my body makes snap, crackle, and pop sounds every time I move. Happy birthday to the human Rice Krispies!”

“Turning another year older is a bit like trying to fold a fitted sheet – confusing, slightly frustrating, but we all pretend like we know what we’re doing!”

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