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Press Briefing: Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and EPA Administrator Michael Regan Discuss Environmental Policies During Transit to Pittsburgh, PA

On February 16, 2024, aboard Air Force One en route to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan held a press gaggle. During the gaggle, they addressed questions from the press and provided updates on the administration’s response to the East Palestine disaster and other issues.

Administrator Regan emphasized that President Biden has been “laser-focused” on the situation in East Palestine from the beginning, noting that the EPA has been able to accomplish in 12 months what would have normally taken close to five years due to the President’s engagement. This includes the removal of over 176,000 tons of contaminated soil and over 43 million gallons of contaminated water. Regan also mentioned that the EPA has set up a welcome center in the community to address residents’ concerns directly and that over 1,200 residents have visited the center. The administration is considering long-term environmental and personal health monitoring for the community.

In Pennsylvania, President Biden was scheduled to be joined by Representative Chris Deluzio and meet with first responders and Trent Conaway, the Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator, as well as Jim McPherson. The press also asked about the President’s remarks regarding Navalny’s death and the White House’s stance on additional sanctions against Russia. Jean-Pierre referred to the President’s previous answers and emphasized the administration’s focus on the situation in East Palestine.

The press gaggle also touched upon the timing of the President’s visit to the disaster site, with Regan defending the administration’s response time and highlighting the balance between being present on the ground and not disrupting local response efforts[1].

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