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NY State Governor Hochul Announces Actions to Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition, Plant 25 Million Trees and Safeguard Clean Water as Part of FY 2025 Enacted Budget

RAPID Act to Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition by Streamlining Transmission Infrastructure Buildout. $150 Million for NY SWIMS to Build Swimming Pools and Help New Yorkers Learn to Swim. $47 Million to Help Reach Goal of Planting 25 Million Trees by 2033. $500 Million for Clean Water Infrastructure, $400 Million Environmental Protection Fund. $40 Million to Create the Resilient & Ready Program to Protect New Yorkers from Future Storms.
$15 Million To Equip Localities with Tools to Fend Off Floods and Keep the Lights on During Storms.

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced actions to accelerate the clean energy transition, plant 25 million trees and invest $500 million to safeguard clean water in the FY 2025 Enacted Budget.

“New York is building a clean economy and protecting our environment for future generations,” Governor Hochul said. “New Yorkers have experienced first-hand the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, and this Budget prioritizes accelerating our clean energy future to drive down emissions, building communities that can withstand extreme storms, and investing in clean water.”

Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition

To address the urgent need to achieve the State’s clean energy goals, the Budget includes the Renewable Action through Project Interconnection and Deployment (RAPID) Act that will create a one-stop-shop for the environmental review and permitting of electric transmission and improve the interconnection process. The state’s transmission permitting process will now feed into a clear statutory framework that balances transparency and environmental protection with the need for fast decision-making. Critically, this process will be responsive to community and stakeholder feedback while bolstering the reliability and resiliency of the state’s electric grid.


As part of her State of the State, Governor Hochul unveiled NY SWIMS: New York Statewide Investment in More Swimming. Drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 1-4, and aquatic recreational activities are becoming increasingly popular as climate change causes heat waves and longer summers.

Included in the FY25 Budget, the NY SWIMS initiative will invest $150 million to build swimming facilities in underserved communities across the state, helping New Yorkers learn to swim, and keeping them safe in and near the water.

25 Million Trees By 2033

Achieving New York State’s goals under the Climate Act will require unprecedented support for the environment, including the need to plant and maintain new forests. To make this a reality, Governor Hochul set a goal in her 2024 State of the State to plant 25 million trees by 2033.

To invigorate our state’s tree planting efforts and send a market signal to private nurseries, the Enacted Budget includes $15 million to fund annual grants to municipalities to plant trees and support resilient reforestation and urban forests.

Clean Water Funding

The Budget includes $500 million in clean water funding, bringing New York’s total clean water infrastructure investment to $5.5 billion between 2017 and this year.

Environmental Protection Fund

In addition to investments from the landmark Environmental Bond Act passed by voters in 2022, the FY 2025 Enacted Budget includes $400 million for the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF), sustaining this historic investment level from the FY 2023 and FY 2024 Budgets. The EPF supports climate change mitigation, protects water sources, advances conservation efforts, and provides recreational opportunities for New Yorkers.

Protecting New Yorkers from Extreme Weather

Following an onslaught of drenching rain, furious storms, sweltering heat and bitter cold, the plan outlines multiple actions for New York to continue building more resilient communities and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Building on Governor Hochul’s comprehensive resiliency plan to protect New Yorkers from extreme weather, the Enacted Budget includes $40 million to create the Resilient & Ready Program and $15 million to equip localities with tools to fend off floods and keep the lights on during storms.

The $40 million Resilient and Ready Program supports resiliency efforts for low-and-moderate income homeowners ahead of future storms. The program will enable Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) to assist households that experience flood damage to make necessary repairs in the aftermath of storms and will cover the cost of proactive flood mitigation improvements.

In addition, the Enacted Budget includes $15 million for the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) to supply local and county partners with additional generators, high-flow pumps and flood barrier technology. New York will fund and deploy flood barrier technology, generators, pumps, and ancillary equipment for counties to use and maintain.

The Enacted Budget also expands the Climate Smart Communities program by increasing financial support for struggling communities, which removes a barrier to entry for disadvantaged communities and helps localities meet the economic, social, and environmental challenges posed by climate change.

Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

The Enacted Budget includes $200 million for the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to invest in enhancing state parks and allocates an additional $100 million in funding for the celebration of the New York State Parks’ Centennial. This funding will also support the restoration and reconstruction of state swimming and recreational facilities.

Governor’s Press Office Albany New York

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