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New York State Governor Hochul Announces Application Period Now Open for 2024 Carey Gabay Fellowship Program and Critics Question Allocation of NY State Funds

Program Honors Late Attorney Who Championed Violence Prevention, Economic Equality, Community Development. Application Period Closes May 15; Interested Candidates Can Apply Here

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced that the Executive Chamber is now accepting applications for the 2024 Carey Gabay Fellowship Program.
Carey Gabay, an attorney and public servant who formerly worked in the Counsel’s Office for the Governor, was tragically killed in 2015, an innocent victim of gun violence. This Fellowship honors his legacy of service to his fellow New Yorkers, particularly those living in the disadvantaged communities he fervently sought to uplift.

“Carey Gabay was tragically taken from us too soon, leaving a hole in the hearts of his family, his colleagues and truly all New Yorkers,” Governor Hochul said. “Through this fellowship, we are honoring his legacy by seeking attorneys who have a passion for making a positive difference for New Yorkers in need.”

New York State Department of Civil Service Commissioner Timothy R. Hogues said, “A great man once said that a life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. Carey Gabay must have lived several lives for his legacy continues on in the impact he has on countless New Yorkers. I encourage all attorneys who have a zest for public service and uplifting those around them to apply for this Fellowship and join the ranks of public servants to help us uphold Carey Gabay’s important legacy.”

The Carey Gabay Fellowship is a paid two-year legal Fellowship program that appoints an attorney every two years to a placement in the Governor’s Office. The selected Fellow works directly with the Counsel to the Governor and their staff on issues such as violence prevention, economic equality, and community development — policy areas that Mr. Gabay championed throughout his career.

The incoming Carey Gabay Fellow will serve from September 2024 to September 2026 and will earn a salary of $85,000 per year plus a generous benefits package. The Fellow also participates in an educational program along with participants in the Empire State Fellows program throughout the first year of their Fellowship, including bi-weekly evening classes at the Rockefeller Institute of Government and other career development sessions.

Carey Gabay was raised in public housing and attended public school in the Bronx. He graduated from Harvard University and Harvard Law School. After law school, Mr. Gabay worked tirelessly in public service, beginning in 2011 as assistant counsel to the former governor and continuing as first deputy counsel for the Empire State Development Corporation.

The successful applicant should be a bar-admitted attorney who, like Mr. Gabay, is committed to public service, and most importantly, embodies the integrity and kind-heartedness that distinguished Mr. Gabay personally.

Applications will be accepted through May 15. More information on the program and instructions on how to apply are available here.

April 25 2024 Albany NY

Critics might argue against allocating New York State funds to the Carey Gabay Fellowship Program for several reasons:

  1. Misallocation of Funds: Critics may argue that allocating state funds to a fellowship program, particularly one with a specific focus on attorneys, may not be the most efficient or necessary use of taxpayer money. They may contend that there are more pressing issues or areas where the funds could be better utilized, such as infrastructure, education, or healthcare.
  2. Questionable Priority: While the program aims to honor the legacy of Carey Gabay and address important issues like violence prevention and economic equality, critics may question whether funding a fellowship program is the most effective way to tackle these complex societal problems. They may argue that there are existing organizations or initiatives already working in these areas that could benefit more from the funding.
  3. Lack of Transparency: Critics may raise concerns about the transparency and accountability of the selection process for the fellowship program. They may question whether the selection criteria are truly merit-based and whether there is adequate oversight to ensure that the funds are being used effectively.
  4. Salary and Benefits: Some critics may also question the salary and benefits offered to the selected fellow, particularly in comparison to other state employees or individuals working in similar public service roles. They may argue that the salary of $85,000 per year, along with the benefits package, is excessive given the current economic climate and budget constraints.
  5. Perpetuating Elitism: Critics may argue that programs like the Carey Gabay Fellowship, which require applicants to have attended prestigious institutions like Harvard University and Harvard Law School, perpetuate elitism within the public sector. They may contend that such requirements limit opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds and reinforce existing disparities in access to higher education and career advancement.

Overall, critics may question the rationale behind allocating state funds to a fellowship program, particularly one with specific eligibility criteria and a focus on a narrow set of policy areas. They may advocate for greater transparency, accountability, and consideration of alternative uses for the funds to address the broader needs of New Yorkers.

Source: Midtown Tribune newsgovernor.ny.gov

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