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Response to NY Post Article: ‘Where Are the Parents of These Deluded Columbia Students Chanting about Attacking Jews?’”

Piers Morgan’s article in the New York Post criticizes the actions of Columbia University students who were chanting about attacking Jewish people. 1 He questions where the “deluded” students’ parents are, implying he believes the students’ behavior is unacceptable and their parents should be held accountable. 1 Morgan is sharply criticizing the Columbia University students involved in the anti-Semitic protests and questioning the role of their parents in addressing this concerning behavior. 

Based on the AI search results, here are the key points about how Columbia University students are funded:

  • Columbia awards more than $200 million annually in scholarships and grants from all sources. [1]
  • 50% of all Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students receive grants from Columbia, and the average amount awarded is $62,850. [1]
  • 51% of the Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Class of 2027 received grants from Columbia, and the average amount awarded to that entering class was $70,797. [1]
  • 19% of Columbia College and Columbia Engineering undergraduates receive the Pell Grant, a federal grant reserved for students with the highest need. [1]
  • The federal government directed 65% of its $149 billion investments in higher education to federal student aid, which covers scholarships, work-study, and loans given to students. [3]
  • Federal grants at universities received 27% of the total federal investment, or $41 billion, in 2018. [3]
  • The National Institutes of Health awarded $41 billion to colleges and universities, the largest federal investment in higher education that year. [3]

So in summary, a significant portion of Columbia University students receive federal and institutional financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and loans, to fund their education. The exact number is not provided, but the search results indicate that over 50% of Columbia students receive grants from the university itself.

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