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At a Senate Republican press briefing on Wednesday, Sen. Steve Daines spoke about the U.S. justice system.

‘Pushing The Envelope On Crazy’: Steve Daines Blasts Dems After Trump Hush Money Trial
Steve Daines, the Republican Senator from Montana and Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has strongly criticized the guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump in the hush money trial. Here are the key points:

Daines’ Reaction

  • Daines called the verdict a “sham” orchestrated by Democrats, accusing them of weaponizing the justice system. [1][2][3][4]
  • He alleged extreme bias from the judge, Juan Merchan, who had donated $35 to Democrats in 2020, and said the verdict should be overturned on appeal. [3][4]
  • Daines accused President Biden of orchestrating the conviction, calling it a “kangaroo court” in New York. [5]

Other Montana Republicans’ Reactions

  • Governor Greg Gianforte called it an attempt by Democrats to “use the courts & lawfare to do what they can’t do at the ballot box,” labeling it a “sham.” [2]
  • Rep. Matt Rosendale accused the judge of “election interference” by scheduling Trump’s sentencing before the Republican convention. [4]
  • Rep. Ryan Zinke called the verdict “an absolute stain on the American justice system” and pledged continued support for Trump. [4]

Democrats’ Reactions

  • Sen. Jon Tester stated he respects the judicial process and believes everyone should be treated fairly, leaving the final decision to voters in November. [2][3][4]
  • Some Democrats expressed concerns about potential violence from Trump supporters after the election, regardless of the sentence’s severity. [5]

Daines and other Montana Republicans have vehemently criticized the guilty verdict against Trump, accusing Democrats of orchestrating a politically motivated “sham” trial and alleging bias from the judge and jury. [1][2][3][4] Democrats, while acknowledging concerns about potential unrest, have emphasized respecting the legal process. [4][5]

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