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Workshop Night NYC – Japan NYC Startups. Video


Japan NYC Startups is a global community focused on bridging Japanese and American technology ecosystems.

March 7 2016 –

Crowd Realty is a crowd-funding platform particularly focusing on both domestic and global real estate. http://crowd-realty.com/global/

TRINUS, Inc. – Providing the platform where superb technology and sophisticated design come together, developing product concept as own companies’ product and selling them on e-commerce site based on crowd funding securing customers and investments. https://trinus.jp/

ES Corporation – Laxus is a new paid rental service that costumers can borrow bags of worldwide brands with the membership of 6800 yen per month… http://laxus.co/en/

Machizukuri Gift – We plan and develop products with regional resources of rural areas in an attempt to make sustainable economic community and recycling society… http://goo.gl/Ii5my

Waris, Inc. – For those who wish to work without any restriction by leveraging own knowledge and experiences or who wish to change the working standard that people work full time 5 days per week, Waris will help these women to meet companies encouraging flexible working style such as working three days per week or working remotely… http://waris.co.jp

Hanasuke – Flower concierge from Hanasuke gives advices on choosing flowers as a gift and delivers the best flower from selective flower shops throughout Japan… http://www.hanasuke.jp/

Pivotal Labs (625 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10011)


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